The summer market report in middleast

The summer was very hot in this region and its 
simmering civil wars added to the 
oppressiveness. Fears of a regional war with 
Western or NATO intervention are increasing 
and the outlook appears very gloomy.
Scrap flows improved after the Ramadan holidays, helped 
by better LME prices. Copper scrap percentages are still 
high, indicating a worldwide shortage. Demand is still 
coming principally from the Far East. 
Aluminium has been sourced in higher quantities but, 
despite LME gains, scrap prices have not improved owing to 
the lack of strong demand from India with the devaluation of 
the rupee. Lead has experienced similar conditions to 
aluminium because India is the main buyer.
Everyone here is holding their breath and waiting to see 
what will happen next in the regional conflict, and whether 
the violence will spread to neighbouring countries