Facts About Copper Recycling

Copper is a non-ferrous metal, and valued as the best non-precious metal conductor of electricity. The only metal with better conductive properties is silver. Copper holds as much as 90 percent of new copper value, and as such it is one of the basic targets for many scrap metal collectors.

Plastic in oceans

What had long been considered a trivial offense has meanwhile become a very serious problem: Allowing plastic waste to enter the oceans. The following overview provides data and facts and informs about the negative environmental consequences and impacts while at the same time presenting possible solutions.

Secondary copper production up 6% in Q1 2018

Worldwide refined copper production is estimated to have increased by 3% in the first quarter of 2018, according to new figures released by the International Copper Study Group. It says that secondary copper production surged by 6% while primary production grew 2.3% in this period.



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