With its uniform high electrical conductivity, COPPER ROD ensures the highest possible efficiency in converting and transmitting electrical power and signals. The basis of these characteristic features of our rod is its high chemical purity, a result of using cathodes that fulfill the LME Grade A standard.

Our rod has outstanding drawability, uniform recrystallization behavior and excellent surfaces, therefore fulfilling the requirements for use in advanced processing methods and applications.


ROYAL METALS COPPER ROD – the preliminary product for sophisticated applications

ROYAL METALS COPPER ROD is the ideal starting product for further processing and can be drawn or rolled into individual wires, braids, cable, enameled wire, flat wire and profiles.

The very good qualities of our rod ease our customers’ processing significantly. The uniformly high quality and purity mean that our rod is much sought after for demanding applications. Whether in electrical engineering, infrastructure, energy technology, automotive engineering or aviation: ROYAL METALS COPPER ROD has gained an outstanding reputation in nearly all applications over the last decade.


In copper products, Royal Metals Trading Co. is dealing in,

1- Copper ingots 97%

2- Copper ingots 99%

3- Copper rod 99.99%

4-copper cathodes from primary raw material 

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