Remelted Lead Ingots are being produced from Raw Lead / Battery Scraps / Lead Scraps and other scraps of Lead in the specially designed Blast Furnace. The Scrap is obtained and is mixed with other reducing agents in the Furnace. We dispatch after staking of 42 ingots in one bundle dully striped. Remelted Lead Ingots, which contains about 97-99% Lead Metal with remaining Impurity Elements (Total 2-3%) as Antimony, Tin, Arsenic, Iron, Bismuth, Copper etc. 
This is commercially called as 'Raw Lead or Lead Bullion', which is further processed to Pure Lead (99.97 purity) and / or Specific Lead Alloys. 
Remelted Lead Ingot is used for making Pure Lead Ingot by Pyrometallurgical process. Pure Lead Ingots has more purity than Remelted Lead Ingots. Our Lead Ingot Casting Machine provides smooth surface of Remelted Lead Ingots
We are smelting the lead remelted ingots and producing PURE LEAD INGOTS according to LME specifications and Environments standards The company is active with processing of scrap lead and drained acid battery. We do Smelting Lead scrap and produce lead Re-melted Ingots at our smelting plant by average of analysis 97% purity beside of other non-ferrous metals trading, particularly. …

Since year 2007, the general capacity of lead Re-melted ingots smelting and trading became up to 1500 m/t per month and now the company is supplying, Auto battery manufacturers and lead related industries across the world professionally.