· To our Team

· To our Community

· To our Customers

· To our Environment


To our team

 We think success starts with people and it ends with people. We are like family here and we are all in this together.  There’s no ‘I’ in this company and in this team.  It’s all about ‘we’.

With team-oriented atmosphere we have loyalty of our employees and that’s why everyone supports one another and all work toward one common goal.

Our team is young, educated, experienced and dynamic and this make us successful in highly professional, innovative and customer-focused approach.


To our community

 A company exists because of the customers it serves and the community in which it is we have responsibilities to our community.

We are a private company which reduce unemployment rate by creating jobs as much as we could.

We improve our country trade balance by exporting, and we try to solve problems in our currency




To our customers

 Royal metals is constantly adapting its services with enthusiasm to meet and exceed the needs of its customer's goals and expectations. We never lose sight of high efficiency and continuous improvements necessary to gain sustainable competitive advantages in today's result-oriented environment.

We are one of the scrap industry's oldest and most technically advanced companies. Our state-of-the-art approach to buying, processing and recycling benefits you in two ways. It removes a heavily regulated recycling problem and keeps you in compliance along with providing a maximum return for your recyclables.

Our success is based on a highly professional, innovative and customer-focused approach. We are totally committed to meeting the individual metal recycling requirements of international customers in terms of both quality and price and employ the very latest technology to do so.
The team is well equipped and trained to advise on any aspect of metal recycling.

Our employees are aware of their role in our quality policy, which is reflected in their active participation in:

· Revising, improving and optimizing existing processes and control in order to guarantee the quality and traceability of our products.

· Responding adequately to customer claims through an established system that assures the examination, logging and response to claims.

· Understanding the degree of compliance of our deliveries with the requirements of our customers.



To our environment

 Where would we be without recyclers? Our neighborhoods and landfills would be overflowing with reusable materials. Our natural resources would be squandered repeatedly. Our energy levels would be significantly reduced. Recyclers maintain vitality, purity, and sustainability for this world in which we all live. Recyclers make it all possible.

It is royal metals policy that its operations and businesses will strictly adhere to all applicable laws and regulations concerning the protection of human health and the environment. 

Royal metals group products have a profound, positive impact upon the environment primarily through the elimination of automotive pollutants. Additionally, royal metals recycling activities act to conserve limited resources and further protect the environment by reducing the need for extractive mining.

Royal metals is always making responsible investments to enhance the recovery of ferrous and nonferrous metals and to recycle other valuable materials while meeting customer quality needs, minimizing environmental impacts and reducing our environmental footprint. As we look to the future, sustainability and environmental compliance will remain central to our business success, providing additional opportunities to maximize value from scrap metal and other recyclables.